Boat Lifts


We manufacture several different types of boat lifts to accommodate your individual needs and unique site conditions. Below are photos and descriptions of each type of lift as well as information about our gear units.

Dolphin CL 16KG 4KG 001 W.JPG

Vertical Cradle Lifts

The Vertical Cradle Lift is the most popular boat lift that we manufacture. We offer capacities ranging from 4,000# to 50,000#. They are supported by either four or eight pilings depending on the capacity. We have several different styles and materials available, including Galvanized Steel, Aluminum, and our bestselling Hybrid Lifts that combine the superior strength of Galvanized Steel Top Beams with the aesthetic benefits of Aluminum Cradle Beams.



Boathouse Lifts

The Boathouse Lift is very similar to the Vertical Cradle Lift, except that the upper mechanical components are suspended from Roof Beams instead of being integrated into Top Beams. We offer Boathouse Lifts in capacities ranging from 5,000# to 20,000#. They can be installed on either Wood or Galvanized Steel Roof Beams.



Marine Elevator Lifts

The Marine Elevator Lift is designed to work in areas where a Vertical Cradle Lift cannot be installed due to site conditions or space constraints. We offer Marine Elevator Lifts in capacities ranging from 5,000# to 12,000#. The rail angle can be 35 degrees, 20 degrees, or vertical depending on the application.


Dolphin EL 1.5KG LR 001 W.jpg

PWC Elevator Lifts

The PWC Elevator Lift is available in capacities of 1,000# and 1,500# and in two different designs. The Low Rail design can be mounted on a piling or a concrete seawall / slab and the rail stays in the water out of view when the boat is raised. The High Rail design mounts on a piling and the entire rail lifts completely out of the water when the boat is raised.



Gear Units

We offer several different gear units made by Aqua Marine Supply. The Flat Plate Belt Drive is the oldest gear unit design on the market and offers the longest service life. It has a proven track record of durability over the last 50+ years.

The E Drive is an enclosed version of the Flat Plate. It is the original double-reduction gearbox with a full-size Bull Gear for maximum longevity. It was specifically designed for the boat lift industry by AMS in Ohio. The design proved so effective that it inspired competitors to produce less expensive copies of the E Drive overseas.

The DR Drive is a small enclosed double-reduction gearbox designed to provide higher speeds for smaller capacity boat lifts.

The EBD is an enclosed Belt Drive that combines a small single-reduction gearbox with secondary belt reduction to achieve the final gear ratio. This hybrid approach reduces the number of moving parts inside the sealed housing and allows for a reliable high-speed gearbox for smaller capacity boat lifts.