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About us

Dolphin Boat Lifts, Inc. enjoys the honor of being the oldest boat lift manufacturer in Southwest Florida. Our longevity and success are the result of decades of hard work, rigid quality control and design standards, and the desire to meet each customer's individual needs. We have manufactured and shipped thousands of boat lift systems nationally and internationally since 1988! The company is solely owned by the Shenkel family. Its operations are under the talented leadership of Robert Shenkel, President and Marine Contractor.

Since the beginning, we have been committed to customer satisfaction, competitive pricing, and manufacturing high-quality, low-maintenance products. Our boat lifts are certified and approved by an independent, Florida-based Engineer. We exceed the State of Florida's Insurance requirements and are fully insured with Product Liability Insurance. We are proud to be leaders in the boat lift industry.

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At Dolphin Boat Lifts, Inc., we design our boat lifts to be strong and simple. We build our boat lifts to withstand saltwater environments without sacrificing strength. There are hundreds of possible combinations of materials, components, and construction methods available. Decades of experience working on new and old technology have enabled us to refine our products to be very simple and reliable. Our Service Department has worked on virtually every type and brand of boat lift that has been made over the years. Our experience fixing other boat lifts that don’t work and our track record of building durable and reliable boat lifts are what makes us the most qualified choice to design and build your boat lift.

We don’t play sales games. We don’t rely on gimmicks. We don’t drastically change our designs every year, hoping that it works this time. We manufacture common-sense, saltwater-grade boat lifts, and we have been doing it for nearly 30 years. Building long-lasting boat lifts has kept us in business longer than any other boat lift manufacturer in our area - since 1988. Other companies may come and go. Dolphin Boat Lifts is a company that you can count on to be here for you tomorrow.

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